More elephanta.

This fella, along with several other of my elephant monotypes, is hanging at the Bainbridge Arts and Crafts gallery this month.

arrival 150.jpg

People ask me, "So, do you have a thing for elephants?" And I think they want me to say, "Why yes, the elephant is my totem animal, and I see it as symbolic of the threshold between...." well, you know what I mean. But really...

1_Studio Elephant.jpg

I just have a thing for this guy, who is the model for all of my elephant monotypes, which are really just about making marks with printing ink on a plate and sending it through the press. Really. This little elephant must have been carved by someone who loves elephants the same way I do. I picked him up in a shop filled with well-curated junk--my favorite!

Here are a couple more of my elephants:

I think they all look like they are on the move. Aren't we all?