Blogging is not dead.

Blogging is not dead! Not even close. In fact, I think it is on an upswing, and it is re-emerging smarter and more relevant than ever. Kind of like the picture book industry, after the last horrible recession.

Take for example this new blog, The Whatsits (to which I am a contributor). It is going to be a smart blog to follow, with lots of great posts about how these terrific children's book makers do their thing: Wendy Wahman, Ben Clanton, Kevan Attebury, Elizabeth Rose Stanton and me.

We are The Whatsits, friends, picture book makers, a critique group, and now a blog.

I posted on The Whatsits today about my virtual mentors: those masters of the picture book form, upon whom I have relied to teach me much of what I know simply by having books out in the world. Take a look! And check back there often.