Habits and Standards, who needs em?

As I launch myself into the process of creating the final art for my very first picture book-to-be-published (George Shannon's TURKEY TOT) I find that it is time for me to develop not only some really good time management habits, but also some really good standards for creating my art.

Can I just tell you that this is not the easiest thing for me? I have spent years developing myself as an artist who proudly shuns standards and habits and describable processes!!  My lack of discipline is--I tell myself--what sets my art apart!! (and creates such a mess in my studio)

Well, so, now the trick is to develop habits and standards that don't LOOK like habits and standards, that allow my art to retain the freshness of flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants spontaneity, that allow it to feel lively and layered and sort of organic or even unplanned. It's actually a fun new challenge, and I like that! I just wish I had a bigger studio, north facing skylights, a live-in photoshop coach, a color consultant, a techy sidekick who could make my printer and scanner and computer work perfectly, and an art supply store closer than an hour away.

Yeah. Life is really really good. But there is always something that could be better, isn't there? I don't ask for much.

This image is a little monotype/collage thingy I created of a Sandpiper. I didn't plan the process, but I think I could recreate this one. Maybe my habits and standards are more defined than I think.