It's a book!

I just returned home from an unforgettably great week of camping and swimming and eating paella with dear family and friends, to be happily surprised to find this on my doorstep:

These are my illustrator's copies of TURKEY TOT! What better incentive to finally clean up my dreadfully messy studio, than to make room for copies of one's VERY FIRST published book! And now I think I can safely share the cute cover of the book, because we are very close to the official pub date of October 15! (and if you just can't wait, you can order TURKEY TOT by George Shannon from now). Inside you will find a cheerful undaunted Turkey Tot, and his silly, doubting companions, Hen, Pig and Chick.

Meanwhile, TWO SPECKLED EGGS is busy transforming itself into pages and covers, somewhere far away in another part of the world...

Tomorrow I head south to L.A. for the SCBWI International Conference. I am now the Illustrator Coordinator for our Western Washington chapter of SCBWI, so I will be diving headfirst into a day packed with meetings for people like me! I can endure a day of meetings when they are with my tribe! Then workshops and keynote speeches for three days, all about everything related to making books for kids. Then a day of Illustrator Intensive, which is just as it sounds. Then home.

And then summer is nearly over, and I have a few more fun things to do with my kids before they head back to school. Then I head back to the studio to power through the final art for the next picture book in line: I DEFINITELY WILL NEVER GET A STAR ON MRS BENSON'S BLACKBOARD.

And just because I can't resist, here's a peek at the camping, swimming (...well, floating), and campfire paella of last week. YUM!